Investing in Syria's Future

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  • Engage the Syrian diaspora and investors with the local economy and existing businesses in northern Syria.
  • Foster a sustainable economic environment while ensuring rigorous fund allocation oversight.
  • Raise funds through a venture capital fund established in the US state of Delaware, focusing on early-stage and high-growth companies.
  • Make investments through a Türkiye-based Holding Company to ensure full compliance for investors.
  • Advise investors to identify strategic sectors for socially responsible yet profitable investments.


  • Belief in the capabilities of the Syrian people, the potential of their resources, and the opportunities that can be unlocked with the right partnerships.
  • Transition from short-term relief to long-term empowerment, moving from dependency to self-reliance.
  • Commitment to full compliance with regulatory issues and legal requirements, including the OFAC General License 22 related to Syria.


  • Rehabilitate the private sector in northern Syria by enhancing logistics, finance, and production.
  • Tap into Syrian private capital abroad for investment while adhering to US and international laws and regulations.
  • Make significant strides in investment opportunities within the region, with an initial commitment of $5M to be invested in 10 businesses over the next 18 months.
  • Offer expertise in business management, legal counsel, finance, and marketing to support investments.
Why US

Invest in Syria (IIS), a newly established initiative by the Syrian Forum, aims to rehabilitate the private sector in northern Syria through enhancing the three tenants of any economic cycle: logistics, finance, and production. IIS intends to tap into Syrian private capital abroad for investment while strictly adhering to all relevant financial laws and regulations. 

Our Core Values

We prioritize local governance development and youth empowerment, recognizing their pivotal role in shaping Syria's future.

Regional Stability

A stable geopolitical landscape is crucial for ensuring the security of investments and for the smooth operation of businesses

Economic Opportunities

Syria presents unique economic opportunities, particularly in sectors like agriculture, energy, and technology

International Support

International collaborations can also help in mitigating risks associated with investments, thereby encouraging more foreign direct investment

Investment Potential

The country’s recovery and development phase opens up numerous investment avenues across various sectors

Why Invest in Syria?

Northern Syria has enjoyed relative stability since 2020. Local economies have been adapting to this stability and expanding. The international community, including the US, desires to shift to a more development-oriented and early recovery approach promoting production. The Syrian diaspora’s role in local economic rejuvenation in northern Syria is essential.

Social Impact

A commitment to creating a positive social impact beyond just financial returns. Socially responsible investment is a core aspect of our strategy, integral to the way we operate. The investments will focus on technology development, job creation, and youth empowerment, aiming to uplift individuals and communities throughout Syria. The investments will ensure sustainable development, promote environmental responsibility and ethical governance.

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